The all new Peugeot Metropolis!

Three-wheelers - The new city craze!

Peugeot have absolutely taken the market by storm with the all new Peugeot Metropolis 400i! With 4 model options to choose from and many different colours Peugeot have made it extremely hard with which model to pick!

Not only are they extremely stylish they have updated the engine for 2017, strengthened the chassis, upgraded the brakes & the suspension! Its PowerMotion 400 cc 4-valve single engine boasts 35.6 bhp, just enough for those city journeys. Having always had ABS this is nothing new to the Metropolis however it is now fitted with two-mode traction control as well! Bigger 13 inch front wheels have lightened the steering, this as well as revised spring and damper rates have made the Metropolis a lot easier to handle!

The Peugeot Metropolis has some really advantages when it comes to licencing as you don't have to have a motorcycle licence. So sick of being constantly stuck in traffic? The answer could lie with the metropolis as weaving in an out of traffic will become second nature and that 40 minute commute to work will suddenly become 15 minutes. At 72.3mpg youll more than like;y save money on fuel too!